Plodders at Ghyll Head 2015


 Monday November 30th till Friday December 4th


The annual vist to Ghyll Head took place on the above dates. The programme followed a well established sequence of events.



Plodders arrived from early afternoon onwards. Reg, Neil and Allan went for a short walk in the afternoon. All others arrived at various times, found out their sleeping arrangements and generally settled in. The delicious evening meal was amply provided by Viv and Barbara, crackers were pulled and there was much chatting and laughing. There was a game of Mexican Train played by some; the others chatted and generally put the world to rights.


A split in the group today. Kath led a group out into the rain to complete a short version of Spring in Lakeland. The rain cleared up and the group enjoyed their walk around the Coniston fells. The remaining plodders walked to the Masons Arms and back enjoying a good value lunch there. Local roads were used as the fields were becoming very waterlogged. John and Rosie cooked a wonderful evening meal followed by a quiz.


The elite group set off in the rain again to walk a version of That's Lyth from Crossthwaite. The rain stopped again and they enjoyed their day on the fells. Those left had a lazy morning and an afternoon stroll in the local area. Neil and Allan cooked superbly tonight. Afterwards there was a film about the South West Coastal path trip this year.


The pictures below are of the evening social side of Ghyll Head.



The pictures below are from the Plodders days on Tuesday and Wednesday.




See below for the Plodder report on the final stage of the Dales Way. The final evenings meal was cooked by Saro who made a selection of the most delicious curries, helped by Reg of course! The last night was spent in relection of a lovely few days away from the coming hurly burly of Christmas. Great company, walks, good food and drink, what was not to like? Thank you to Reg for his usual superb organisation.


Plodders Burneside to Bowness, Thurs 3rd Dec


NINE Plodders gathered at Bowness on a cold wet Lake District morning to "complete" their Dale's Way rambles.

Some of the regular Dale's Way Plodders where unable to attend but three other LDWA members who were staying at Ghyll Head helped make up the numbers.

We all climbed into two cars and drove to the start of the day's walk, Burneside. This Stage should have been from Grayrigg Foot which would have made this leg 14 miles but because of the terrain and the early dark fall the Leaders decided that the 10 mile stretch from Burneside was a better option given these factors.

There was still some drenched fields to overcome along with large muddy puddles on the riverside paths. The good company and witty banter helped us to forget these and make reasonable progress.

A short stop before reaching Staveley  was made to examine what was thought to be an abandoned rucksack, just in case some poor walker had fallen into the Kent, but it just turned out to be just some litter that had clumped together to look like a walkers bag.

We diverted into Staveley to find a dry spot for a drink (we should have taken the opportunity to have lunch) in a children's playground.

Then it was onward and upward towards the beckoning Lakes.

As we rose forever upwards we passed other members of the Ghyll Head party coming in the opposite direction they were not Plodders but a fitter section of the LDWA, they were en route to Wilf's for a spot of lunch and hoped to overtake us on the way back.

Quiet a bit of the route now took us along metalled roadway but we still had to negotiate large puddles, a chance to clean our boots but they were soon slutched up again.

The rain was relentless but the party was lifted by the excellent views, but the sight of Windermere elluded us until the final hill was overcome.

A final photo at the Dale's Way official finishing seat and it was down to the Royal Oak for a well earned drink.

The Leaders hope to lead a walk from Old Scotch Road above the Crook of Lune to Staveley next year to take in the parts missed on Stages 6 and 7 on a dry sunny Wednesday.

Well done to those who completed it and thanks from both Leaders, Allan and Neil, for their support and forgiveness for their mistakes.

Next year we are hoping to do The Calderdale Way in stages, info to follow via the usual channels.

Neil Woodcock


Click on the link below for photos by John Rattray.

Dales way in the rain