Winter Plodding


Wednesday January 24th 2013.

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Wednesday February 6th 2013.

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Wednesday February 20th 2013. The Wells of Silverdale and Arnside.


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Wednesday March 6th 2013. Culcheth and Glazebury Walk.

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Bury-Holcombe Brook Plodders Walk 20.3.13.


Eight Plodders gathered at the Bury Transport Museum and for an hour admired the vehicle and other items on display. Being of a certain age most of us could relate to seeing the trams, buses, steam rollers etc in action. All were in excellent condition and the hour quickly passed.

The guides gave us a warm farewell and told us the food and drink at the Hare and Hounds was good. Picking up the track bed as it crossed the Irwell we were soon onto what is now known as the Kirklees Trail. Apart from the track bed there is little to remind us of the former railway line. The branch line was single track,served nine stations or halts and closed finally in 1961. It’s principal claim to fame was it was the first electrically powered line in the UK. The Dick Kerr Company of Preston used it as a proving ground for electrical equipment. This later changed from overhead wires to a third electrified rail. It was encorporated into the Manchester to Bury electric line. Electrical power ceased in 1951 as the equipment was worn out and for the remainder of it’s life it returned to steam. There are some concrete blocks still to be seen around Tottington that supported the overhead wire steel supports. Also at Tottington is the remains of the platform.

Stopping for refreshments at the new viaduct Barbara and David showed us the bat boxes under the bridge. Progress along the trail was at a Plodder pace and it was good to share the trail with other users, bicycles and horses. Although walkers and cyclists do not always gel it is good that families can exercise safely off road.

Reaching the end of the trail at Greenmount we admired the recently renovated gardens and new bench. Completing the walk by road we were taken by David to look at the only remains of the station at Holcombe Brook, a stone wall next to the Co-op.The Hare and Hounds did indeed provide excellent food and beer. Enjoying this we turned over what the Plodders hope to walk this year. It was good that Reg and David Hudson, the original two Plodders ,could make and very much enjoy the walk. We also had contributions  from Barbara and David Shelton whose local knowledge was appreciated. Thanks would not be complete without mention of Martin’s chocolate squares...perfect as usual! The weather was cold and overcast and the distance five miles.



Saro takes a pewAn emaciated Plodder takes a ride?


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