Rogues Gallery 2012



Been on an East Lancs walk? Look here at your peril.....


Hats off to Viv and MaudeWhere did Hilary get that hat?


 Barbara is so happy walking with East LancsStormin' NormanOff on the Lune Valley RambleGrins from Ruth and Mary

Reflective MaryMark is ready to go

Jim and Chris on bridgeTwo Rogues if ever I saw them!Julie and Roger cross the bridgePhil explains to Barbara

Tony enjoys his coffeeHeather and Mike

Sue and Howarth on Trespass RetracedJohn and LeviPeter and June on Hurst Green HikeChris on Hurst Green Hike

Geoff and Louise enjoy Trespass RetracedWhere are they?Ruth wonders where we are

David tests his strengthNorman remembers this signpost being erected (1905)Phil surveys a winter scene

Two new rogues join usNeil at Basin stonesKen on his first walk as leader

Don shows a fine pair of kneesHilary and Maude were looking for the QueenWhere did you get that hat?

Dave and Alma lunch at the RockPeter enjoys lunchMike enjoys the rain!John gets Knotted

All the fun of the fair for Nancy and NormanHilary ready to Gallop offHilary and John in Rostherne churchSteve enjoys a jump in the lakeWho is this and what is he doing?Barbara and Margaret by Tatton lake