AGM 2022


Held on: Sunday 16th October 2022 at 16:00 at The Mill Inn, Mungrisdale


Jim Crockett (Chairman), Paul Glynn (Group Secretary), Andy Armstrong (Walks Secretary), Trish

Pat Evans, Dave Evans, Clare Edgar, Trish Dunant, Martyn Smith, Allan Ousby


In Attendance:   Louise Smith (Past Secretary)           Apologies:     Tony Deall, Barbara Young



These were agreed as a true record. Proposed by Dave, seconded by Andy


Matters Arising



Chairman’s Report

Jim welcomed everyone to the meeting which is the 35th since the group was formed

This was Jim's second meeting as chairman and Jim reflected on a year since the group nearly folded at last year’s AGM.

Jim suggested that we might consider partnering with the Lakeland group on events given the small size of the Cumbria group. Jim also would like to see a reintroduction of weekends away, if a volunteer can be found to organise one.


Group Secretary's Report

Paul gave the current membership numbers, 137 primary members as of 10th October.

Martyn is now listed as a primary member.

Very little correspondence has been received since taking over from Louise at last year's AGM.

Paul attended the National AGM in Leamington Spa earlier this year (as did Trish) and hopes to attend next year's event.

The Facebook page started by Louise as a community page has been converted to a private group and currently has 8 members. A link to the Facebook page (where additional images from social walks can be found and where members can contribute directly) is on the header image at the top of the Cumbra LDWA home page.


Walks Secretary Report

Andy described the social walks that had taken place in the 12 months since the last AGM. In spite of being a small group with currently only 8 or 9 walk leaders, the group has put on a social walk every month. The 12 walks had a total distance of more than 200 miles with an average distance of 16.75 miles and evarage turnout of 7.5. The total milage for the group since Andy took over the walks secretary role in 2015 stands at 1,214 miles.

Trish suggested a 20+ mile walk around Kielder reservoir as a future walk.


Treasurer's Report

Paul circulated a brief report that had been provided by Tony. Activity on the bank account remains low, and the balance stands at £1,381.66

It was unanimously agreed that club funds would not be used to subsidise meals at the group's AGM going forward.


Charitable Donations

It was agreed to make the following donations to charity:

Great North Air Ambulance: £50           Mountain Rescue*: £50

*The specific Rescue Team to be decided on after consultation with Tony Deall (Treasurer)


Quartermaster's Report

There has been no change since last year's AGM. Jim still holds a lot of items in storage, and an inventory of these was circulated to those present.


Election of Officers

All present agreed that the current post holders would contiunue in role for the next 12 months.

Chairman: Jim     Secretary: Paul     Walks Secretary: Andy      Treasurer: Tony


Although Tony was not present he had confirmed his willingness to continue prior to the meeting.


Anytime Challenges

Helm Wind Walk - there have been no completions claimed in the last 12 months. Andy still has some badges available.

Three Rings of Shap - It was noted that this is listed on the LDWA website as an anytime challenge but there have been no known completions in the last 12 months and those present expressed doubts as to the practicality of anyone attempting the three rings unsupported.


Paul suggested introducing an anytime challenge via the SIEntries website both to increase the group’s profile & to bring in a small sum of money to group funds. Paul to investigate and report back.


Any Other Business

Andy gave a brief history of Cumbria LDWA.

Strider number 50 in April 1988 mentions the proposed new group with contact Ken Andrews of St Bees. Dave Hammond took over the Secretary role in 1996 and was the contact for several years until Tony Deall took over. Tony was secretary for several years before handing over the role to Louise Smith who was the contact until 2021 when Paul became secretary.

Andy pointed out that he club has come close to folding several times during its 34 year history and listed the occasions.


Date of Next Meeting

The next AGM will be on Sunday 8th October 2023, venue and time to be confirmed.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 16:40


Paul Glynn, Secretary


* This note records that Wasdale MRT was subsequently chosen to receive the £50 donation









A brief Treasurer's report was presented by the Secretary at the meeting