Walk Leaders: Risk Assessments

Risk Assessments for Social Walk Leaders

This text below in grey is reproduced from LDWA's Guideline document "Leading Local Group Social Walks - Brief Guidelines for Social Walk Leaders - August 2022"

Risk Assessments

The risk assessment helps walk leaders plan and lead LDWA social walks safely. It does this by helping walk leaders think through any hazards that may be encountered on the walk, the risk involved and, importantly, practical ways to reduce or remove the risk. Although this is not mandatory, we recommend use of the risk assessment (located on the toolkit - https://ldwa.org.uk/library/toolkit.php) to demonstrate that walk organisers and leaders have adequately discharged their responsibilities.

There are a number of reasons why it makes sense to do this;

  • As part of planning and reccying the walk, the walk leader will consider the safety and enjoyment of walkers – completing the risk assessment template just involves committing this thinking to paper.
  • In the very unlikely event of a claim following an accident on a walk, the risk assessment will help our insurers deal with this and demonstrate the walk leader has discharged their responsibilities effectively. It’s important to stress that the risk assessment DOES NOT make the walk leader more liable in the case of an accident.



The standard Risk Assessment Form comes as a checklist for Walk Leaders to download, fill in and retain for future reference.

You can download the Social Walks Risk Assessment V13 here (in .docx format, so you can save and print or save and complete electronically)