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Cornwall and Devon Group

UPDATE - Walks with a Difference


                 18—19 miles                             GR SX 765 771

I have received about 25 positive replies so think that indicates that there are sufficient people to be worthwhile trying out a walk like this. I also think that once these walks become known they will attract other people and quite possibly new members. We shall see. I know that members of other nearby groups have expressed interest to me. Maybe in due course we could have joint group “WASP” walks.

 The first walk will be in the Hay Tor area  Sunday 24th June 2018. See the heading above. You probably know this area well but for our inaugural walk I wanted an area with good paths, views, and as much variety as I can get and reasonably accessible. This area seems well suited even if I will probably struggle to go on a path that you have never been on before. However I will try.

These walks at least initially will known as WASP walks. W  walking A at a S sociable P pace. I am making a “wasp” logo so wherever you see a “WASP” walk you know what it is all about. I thought the “S” might stand for “slower” or “steady” but that's not really the point. The point is that the ethos is sociability and everyone by and large walking together. Just how fast or slow depends who comes along but inevitably these walks will be at a slower pace and will take longer.


I will lead the first walk and hopefully regularly after that. However for these walks to become established long term we need a number of leaders and I am pleased to say I already have had one or two offers.

If you have anything you would like ask , please do email me. This is an experimental concept and I need your feedback to try to get it as right as I can for  as many as I can.

The pace of these walks will be slower. How much slower is impossible to say. It will be geared to the needs of the people walking. Of course this does mean it will take longer. In winter head torches must be brought and will often be needed.

Faster walkers are very welcome, but they have to accept that these are SOCIAL Walks at a slower pace than they might prefer.



If you are interested in the concept of these walks do please try to come on the first walk, and bring along any like minded friends. We need to find out if there will be support for these walks.

David                           dh@holsaf.co.uk