Cleveland Street - Cleveland Way



Cleveland Street - Cleveland Way - Saturday 7th March



On the Saturday 7th March 3 walkers met in Guisborough for an 18 mile walk. We set off at 9am to walk to Slapewath passing Guisborough Priory. On reaching Slapewath we took the old rail track to Boosbeck village. At this point we joined the Cleveland Street track to Skinningrove stopping for a break at Lumpsey mine before continuing towards the coast and joining the Cleveland Way at Skinningrove.

 After leaving Skinningrove we climbed up onto the cliff tops and onto the the Guibal fan house for a second break. Then it was down to Saltburn and through the valley gardens to Skelton and on to Slapewath to join the old rail route back to Guisborough.

Because there were only three of us, we had a few stops to look at local historical sites. We passed a building with 8 kilns and also passed 3 old mines. We then walked the unused old railways, looked around the old fan house on the side of Wassett hill and crossed the Viaduct at Slapewath. We also looked in the memorial garden in Skelton which commemorated the arctic travels of Frank Wild who went on trips to the Antarctic with Scott and Shackleton.

We were very lucky with the weather with only strong wind going up Airy Hill Lane to Slapewath on the way back.






Dave's Photos.