AGM Minutes 2019


Annual General Meeting Minutes.

Held on 09th October 2019 at the Thornaby Pavilion

Apologies for Absence: Dave Wain: Jill King

12 members attended

Minutes: The 2018 AGM Minutes were read out by the Acting Chairman and unanimously received as a true record.

Matters Arising:

As the 2018 minutes only stated that a “ringed fenced substantial amount” be kept, Eva asked whether an actual figure had been confirmed. Vince clarified that £1500.00 had been agreed and Tom confirmed this.

Chairman’s Report – AGM 2019 Chairman’s Report

The club has continued to provide monthly walks to which I wish to thank Dave Firth for his efficient organisation and for those who lead the walks.

Some members were introduced to Bowling on one of meeting nights.

The 100 walk this year was held in Northumbria where some club members manned the first checkpoint. The hospitality given to the entrants was well received.

I would like to thank the officers of the club in particular to Albert, Carol and Eva who act efficiently as Club Officers.

I conclude by thanking all those who have helped and taken part in club activities.

David Wain - Cleveland LDWA Chair.

Group Secretary’s Report - AGM 2109 Group Secretary’s Report

Thanks to the Committee Members who emailed me their reports prior to this meeting.

20 Members attended our Christmas Lunch at The Dudley Arms, Ingleby Greehow, which was a different venue from our usual venue, it cost less, but this was reflected in the overall standard of the meal.

Vince organised an Indoor Bowls experience in February after the Group meeting, it was very interesting and good fun. Thanks Vince.

At the April meeting we had John Leeman giving a talk and slide show, on The Atlas Mountains including ascent of Mt. Toubkal which John had undertaken many years ago. It was very interesting especially as this trek had taken place before most of the travel companies visited these areas. Thanks to John.

The Group helped on checkpoints for 2 events hosted by other LDWA Group’s. The Hadrian 100 – Northumbria Group, which unfortunately had a high retiree rate due to the very bad weather during the first evening; and Afoot in Two Dales – The Irregulars. We have agreed to run a checkpoint next year for Afoot in Two Dales on 4th July 2020.

Quite a few changes have been implemented by the National Committee: A new logo, a walks register list and updated website. I would think more changes will be coming along soon.

We won’t have a representative at The Local Groups Rep Meeting at Sherwood YH in November 2019.

Albert Bowes - Cleveland LDWA Group Secretary.

Treasurers Report – AGM 2019 Treasurers Financial Report

There has been little activity in our financial dealings during the current financial year and this is reflected in the short balance sheet.

Our sole income was from the Northumberland 100 committee giving us £200 for the clubs help in support at checkpoint 1 on the Hadrian 100.

Expenditure totalled just £259.50 thus the overall balance of funds is just £59.50 less than at this time last year.

Present balance being carried forward is £2737.77. (Supported by bank Statement.)

Carol Stather - Cleveland LDWA Treasurer.

Walk Secretary’s Report – AGM 2019 Walk Secretary’s Report

During the last 12 months the group has organised 18 walks of distances between 15 and 24 miles, all within a 60 mile radius of Teesside. The walks were led by 8 different leaders and the numbers in the groups varied from 7 to 18.

For the second year in a row we ran the Hanging Stone Leap as a social walk. We had 18 walkers on it, and again all enjoyed the walk and want it to be kept on. The walkers all mentioned the support team and how much they appreciated their support.

In May the group ran the first check point on the LDWA Hadrian Hundred challenge walk. It was held in the Newbrough village hall 7 miles from the start.  Our group had a good turn out and it went very well.

I would like to thank all those who helped with organising and leading the walks because without their help the walks would not have taken place.

Dave Firth – Cleveland LDWA Walk Secretary

Election of Officers

Chairman – Dave Wain.        Proposed – Vince Thwaites- Seconded – Tom Pascoe

Secretary – Albert Bowes. Proposed – V. Thwaites – Seconded - Tom Pascoe

Treasurer -      Carol Stather.  Proposed – V. Thaites -   Seconded -  Tom Pascoe


Eva requested that the frequency of Group meeting be discussed at a future meeting. Meetings are already organised and room paid for until February 2020, but as we no longer organise any Challenge Events is it necessary to meet on a monthly, for discussion at the November meeting.

Meeting Closed at 8.20 to be followed by Monthly Group Meeting.