Beautiful Bilsdale

Beautiful Bilsdale - Saturday 14th September







Beautiful Bilsdale     Saturday 14th September 2019

Attendance 8         Weather:  Dry, mostly sunny with breeze


The eight member turnout at the top of Newgate bank was taken by surprise by the chill in the air, quite a contrast from the lowlands of peoples' homes. This led to a very prompt 9 am start in an effort to get into the sunshine as soon as possible, something that was quickly achieved.

The route through the woods on the way to Helmsley provided a navigational challenge as well as the minor hazard of two giant ant hills but all was well and a good pace was maintained with the promise of a stop at Helmsley that carried with it the chance of an ice cream and the luxury of public toilets. However, a poll taken on the way resulted in a democratic decision to to use the cafe as a tea stop.

Onwards to Cold Kirby via an impressive glimpse of Rievaulx Abbey and a large pheasant shoot in our path that fortunately had started to pack up just before we reached the guns. A lunch stop centred around the single seat under a tree in the centre of Cold Kirkby  before crossing open country in sunshine and a stiff breeze to Old Byland village before descending through woods in preparation for the final sting in the tail: the climb back up the West side of Newgate bank to the cars. Finish time was 3.30pm which represented good pace bearing in mind the liesurely stop in Helmsley. We had completed 18 miles and some people were surprised that the total climbing had been as much as 2,600ft.

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