Hanging Stone Leap As A Social Walk

Hanging Stone Leap As A Social Walk

On Saturday 3 August, 18 walkers met in the Belmont House car park in Guisborough for a short 13 mile or a longer 24 mile walk as we used to do on the challenge event.

We all set off together at 9am and walked along the old railway track and then through Guisborough woods climbing up to Highcliff Nab. We then crossed the moors to Percy Rig where we were met by the support team and had a short break.  Then on to Kildale where we had another break before the two groups parted.The short route group of 10 walkers led by Bob made their way back to the start via the return short route of the Challenge event.

 The longer distance group of 8 which I led continued to Little Kildale and then over to Hob Hole where the support group met up with us again and we had our lunch break. After lunch we walked along Baysdale passing Baysdale Abbey and back to Kildale where we met up again with the support group for the last time before going up to Captain Cook’s monument. Then the Hanging Stone and Roseberry Topping before making our way back through Guisborough woods to the old dismantled railway track at Hutton Gate which we followed to finish back at the car park at 7.20pm.

I would like to thank all who came on the walks and also to thank the support team who did a great job and were appreciated by all.

We could not have wished for better weather and the views all along the walk were impressive.




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