Minutes of July 2019 Meeting

Minutes of meeting held on 10/7/2019

 Present - 9 members

Apologies for Absence:

Vince & Pat


Contact has been made with Cleveland Search & Rescue re visit- awaiting response: will contact Eva to send out email once date confirmed.

Action point: Chairman to inform Eva of Date: Eva to send out email.

Letter forwarded by Edith regarding Corporation Tax has been forwarded by Secretary to National Secretary for action.

Request for names for Access to LDWA Database and Bulk email option – Chairman & Webmaster.

Action point: Secretary to confirm names to National Local Groups Secretary


Confirmed to National Local Groups Secretary our AGM date – 9/10/2019. Members of National Committee are intending to visit Groups AGM’s to discuss how Local Groups can help to secure funds for a new website over the next 3-5 years.

Current Website has been update, still working on events page

Local Groups Meeting weekend 15-17th November (Sherwood YH, near Mansfield)


Funds remain the same as previous month.

Hadrian 100 committee been in touch to let us know we will be receiving a donation from surplus of event funds.

Walk Secretary:

Anton’s walk from Greta Bridge – 7 members on walk, good day was had by all.

Gordons Birthday Walk on 13/7 from Scaling Dam. Linear walk to Whitby, bus back, fish & chips for those wishing to partake.

Hanging Stone Leap as a social Walk on 3/8. Short & Long Route.  Limited support by Terry.


Jan – April 2020 Walks Programme due for Strider input by end of September, Eva will send out email asking for leaders, Walk Secretary to also get in touch with members in an effort to encourage more members to lead walks.

Action Point:

Eva to send out email; Dave to speak with members to encourage leading future walks on the programme.

Cleveland Group had run CP2 on AF2D at Haverdale House; event was very successful, with lots of compliments from the walkers/runners in relation to the checkpoint.

We’ve been asked to run the CP on next year’s event, probably on 4/7/2020, to be confirmed.

Future Talks:

Dave was asked to get in touch with the person who delivers the Defibrillator training to see if they are available Nov or Dec.

Action Point:

Dave to organise date and report back to Group.