The Danby Dawdle




Yet another Pleasant sunny day with a cool breeze greeted us as 9 enrolled for my walk from Danby.

We picked up the Esk Valley walk through to Castleton then a road stretch to Dibble bridge along the riverside then over at the next footbridge with a climb up and round the intake wall over a heather clad path out to the Westerdale road. Another road section mostly avoided by a green path alongside to an ancient packhorse bridge, then on into the village where we were met by 3 other members Albert Eva and Tom who were to join us for the next section of our walk up to the 3 metre man on Castleton ridge a tough climb up but worth it for the views over the dale. A few photos taken of the group with the old man and time for Albert and Tom to bid us farewell to make their own route back  but with Eva still keen to carry on with us.

Next down to the road , across and down the path into Danbydale and on through Danby Botton village up to the high farm then out over the moor accompanied by excellent views over the dale up to Wolf pit. We crossed the road and a high stretch of open moor before a steep descent but with glorious views over Great Fryup dale. A short lunch break was taken and then onwards on a more gentle descent to Fryup Hall and a steep ascent over a grassy field to Fryup Gill for well earned pot of tea for most at the Cycle hub café there. It was very busy there as it was also a check point on the Cleveland survival event , and put to good use by many of the competitors as they passed through.

Suitably refreshed we continued down the road to meet our final climb over the rig and down to farm and road paths back into Danby.

Thanks to all who turned out to make this a very enjoyable walk.

Carol Stather

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