Minutes of March 19 Meeting


Minutes of meeting held on 13/3/2019

 Present  - 10 members

Apologies for Absence: Alan Robertson


Chairman referred to email received by Secretary from NEC regarding GDPR and Walks Register and also the email sent to all members on these issues. A discussion took place and it was agreed that Chairman would act as Group Data Protection Co-ordinator until the next AGM, Eva will assist by collating the walk register data and scanning onto computer. Chairman will reply to NEC on Group behalf.


Nothing to report


Handed over £100 cheque to Chairman to send to CS&R.

Walk Secretary:

Two Walks taken place –

All The Way to America – 12 out

Rivers & Fields – 9 out. Longer walk than expected 21.3miles.

Next walk. Danby Dawdle -  C15miles from Danby 24/3/2019.


29th Hanging Stone Leap being run in August by Lets Run as a challenge event, we were not informed of this, but good to see event is being resurrected.  Chairman to contact Event Co-ordinator to ensure all parties are aware that it is not an LDWA event.

Hadrian 100 – no further information received since last update to Group.

Meeting ended at 9.00. Group was reminded that at next month’s meeting on April 10th John Leeman will be giving a talk and slideshow on The Atlas Mountains.