The Bridge



The Bridge’     Saturday, 1st December 2018

Attendance: 10       Weather conditions:   rain and low cloud


Leaving Greta Bridge we walked under the A66 heading towards the River Tees. Walking along the Tees, we stopped to admire the wooden plank bridge at Whorlton and then on to the old Norman church at Wycliffe.  We then proceeded to Hutton Magna where a group photograph was taken alongside the stone monument detailing the history of the village of ‘Hotton’.  Fields and roads took us on to West Layton and then to Lane Head, re-crossing the A66 at Smallways.  We headed up to Newsham and skirted Barningham Park towards Park House Farm.  Turning at the farm, we made our way to Barningham and then crossed to Crook House.  The road took us on to Mill Wood from which we completed the walk back to Greta Bridge.

A warm thanks to Wendy for the mince pies and for all who made it on the day despite poor weather conditions.


Anton Nielsen



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