A Medieval Wander Mark 2

A Medieval Wander Mark 2


When myself, Julie,her sons dog, Bob and Carol left for Brough, I was apprehensive that nobody else would turn up, as a good long drive from Teesside.  However, when we arrived at 09:15, there were a few walkers waiting.

It was already warm and clear as ten set off passing through fields and farms. Just 4.5 miles out, the little dog (Arthur, who has been known to walk 20 miles) decided he'd had enough in the heat of the day, so at this point Julie and Arthur turned back, leaving the remaining nine of us to continue.

The sun got hotter as we dropped down to the Eden Valley from the height of the A66.  Enroute, Polly, the younger girl hit her head on a tree branch and went with a right bang to the ground, fortunately unscathed.  We carried on walking, eventually reaching Argil Beck Medieval Nature Reserve, all along the bluebells out in all their splendour, together with wild garlic and primroses.

Following a complex route we got back to farmland, no big hills, just undulations which at this point were beginning to add up.  Arriving backs at Brough at 04:30pm on completion of a 7hr walk comprising of 18miles and 3000ft of ascent we joined Julie and Arthur, (who had ended up taking a taxi back to Brough) in the Memorial Hall for a very welcome cup of tea, coffee and refreshments. 



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