The Hexton Hobble - Thursday 31st March 2022

Leader: Dee Brockway  16 Walkers

Photos from Frank Esaw In spite of the appalling weather at the start of the day quite a few hardy souls (fools) turned out and were rewarded by better weather later in the day.  


The snow blizzards began just as most folk were opening their bedroom curtains and deciding whether walking The Hexton Hobble really was such a good idea???
I turned up quite expecting no ‘takers’ and a swift return to a nice warm house. Dream on!!
BBNers are tougher than that. (or maybe slightly  crackers ). 16 of us braved a 15 miler in very strange, ever changing weather conditions. The blizzards, with complementary wind and hailstones, seemed to wait for us to reach the highest, most exposed points on our walk. We did  enjoy the views from the  top of Pegsdon Hills in relatively cold but calm conditions but Wardown Hills and Sharpenhoe Clappers were a little more challenging. 
The sun shines, or at least it stops hailstoning, on the righteous. All 3 of our  low level breaks were in quite sunny, pleasantly mild conditions. 
All back safe and, I think, happy. That’s all that really matters. 

Photo: Frank Jackson