Pick & Mix - Sunday 29th May 2022


Comments and photos

  Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed P&M. Thanks to all who developed it, and organised it and fed us on the day, including arranging the weather
  (so much better  than today).   I have to use my age, now 92 and possibly one of the oldest entrants, as my excuse for doing only one short loop (6m)
  and taking over 3 h to do it, but it's a lovely route, especially when walked slowly, and the route description was excellent.
  If I`m still here and mobile in a year`s time, I`ll do it   ̶   or another shorter loop   ̶  again.  Best wishes Gabriel Newfield

         Lovely time on my first event.
         Thanks to all involved in organising today. ​ 
         Super day out. Debbie Roth

  Thank you for putting on another cracking event today at the Pick 
  & Mix, Thoroughly enjoyed it and the variety  of routes you
  arranged. I'll be back. 
                                              Chris Leigh


  Big thank you to all the volunteers at
  the Pick & Mix today. Everyone was
  so friendly and welcoming. Your time
  is very much appreciated. 
                        Carrie Tyas

  Echo that, thanks everyone 
                      John Monksfield

  ...... I got licked by a cow on the Pick
  and Mix yesterday. Could have been
  a lot worse........ Michael Jones..




                      Pick and Mix Challenge today!
                      Team Timms completed 42 miles
                      between us all.
                      Fantastic day, thank you!  Mia Timms

     Super day out, thank you to everyone who helped
     put the event on  John Kirwan


All the information about the event and how to enter can be found  here

Event Risk Assessment

The event is part of a Triple Challenge with the Hannington Hike and the Chiltern Kanter.
Badge and Certificate upon completion of these three events (any distance and in any order).

This Triple Challenge commenced with the Hannington Hike in March 2020