Virtual Cream Tea Walk - Saturday 13th June 2020

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Well folks it would have been one of the social events of the year this Saturday if Mr Covid hadn’t got involved. That’s right it would have been my Cream Tea walk.
As we’ve just had a virtual Fellsman and a virtual 100, Mike Hyland suggested to me about having a virtual cream tea walk. Thus, the idea was chewed over so to speak with Gill and the plan is as follows.

For this weekend either Saturday or Sunday why not share a photo with us of the food you’re taking on a walk. If you can manage to bake a cake and take some with you on a walk (or just eat it in your garden….) or buy an ice cream from a van then the nearest to a cream tea wins!
Please upload your mouth watering pictures onto the BBN FB if you can. If you don’t have access to FB (and believe it or not Mark Zuckerberg not everyone does) email your photos of your desserts…before they desert,  to either Gill or I and she will upload onto the Website in time for publication in next week’s BBN news update


Norman Corrin