Monopoly Walk - 10th October 2021

Walk Information: 

Hi Everyone

Here are a few more details about our walk around the Monopoly Board on 10th October plus an info sheet listing the properties in the order we will be visiting them and showing where our breaks will be.

Info Sheet

First of all, can I please ask you to check for engineering works on your line. I am thinking, if necessary, we could start the walk slightly later.  Please let me know if the current start time is a problem for you.

Please also let me know if you will be joining the walk at St, Pancras.

Should you be delayed on the day – please text me 07790 976090 - we will be having an early break at Liverpool Street Station at approx 10.30, so that would be a good place to catch up. We will be near the escalators (by the high numbered platforms) close to the main entrance from Bishopsgate.

Please bring food and drink for the day, although there will be opportunities to pick up a coffee or a snack at a couple of stopping points.

As well as collecting all the properties on the Monopoly Board, we also need 3xChance and 3xCommunity Chest
There will be a prize for the most imaginative suggestion for both Chance and Community Chest, so keep your eyes peeled.


Gill Bunker