A Clean Sweep! - Thursday 20th February 2020

Leader: Terry Brown
Walkers 19 (?)  9 miles (morning only)

An unexpectedly high turnout on a day when the weather forecast was pretty grim with strong winds and heavy rain expected later.. A good day for a figure of 8 walk!
Not a lot of mud, and an excellent mid-morning break at the Langford Garden Centre.
Back to Broom at lunchtime and a great welcome at The Cock, a lovely old pub, with one of the small rooms reserved for us with a log fire blazing.  All very convivial. No wonder we didn't want to go back out again.
There's no bar - the drinks are served from the cellar, beers are poured straight from the casks.

The group voted to call it a day there. We'd enjoyed a better morning than expected, we were warm and snug in the pub, and decided we would come back in better weather and do the walk again (please Terry!).

(Dave bagged a Bedfordshire Tump on the journey home.)   https://www.hill-bagging.co.uk/CountyTumps.php

Map and photos from Merrian ("for some reason I can't get the photos in the order they were taken") are here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/60620372@N07/albums/72157713200158423

and DFH's photos: