New Year Walk & Lunch - Sun 19 January 2020

Leader: Norman Corrin
11 walkers, Morning walk followed by lunch at The Red Lion, Stevington.

How will our merry band of walkers remember the day?

Scenic      Muddy boots     Mind the bog!    Glorious English countryside, lit by winter sunshine     Slippy slidey moments with gumboot shoes     Watery
Best venison pudding ever!  Glad I'm not a Vegan!     Romantic candles    Romantic candlelit selfie
Food Glorious Food      Souffle delight      Sweet orangey crunchy goodness      Muscles and mussels
Fantastic "top of the league" leader      25/20 for our 2020 New Year walk     Sorbet-licious
Delicious, happily content          Reaching the parts that other puddings can't reach      Best brioche pudding ever, even more glad I'm not a Vegan!