Santa Walk - Sunday 8th December 2019

Santa Walk


I'm extremely pleased to say that Santa has found time in his hectic schedule to join us on our Seasonal Saunter from Sandy on Sunday 8th December.


We'll be visiting churches, singing Christmas carols, supping mulled wine and enjoying mince pies on the way round.

Here's a link to the carols we'll be singing - if you can, please print off your own copy for you to use on the day. There will be a small handful supplied by Santa but it will be easier if you can bring your own. Santa Walk Carols


And here is some information about the churches we will be visiting  Santa Walk Churches


The route was devised by Alan "Hot Line to Santa" Leadbetter who will be aiding and abetting on the day.


Full details of the walk are here


Norman "League Leader" Corrin