Available Walk Dates

Please contact me if you would like to lead a walk on any of the available dates. There is no problem if you need to limit numbers for any reason eg restricted parking
If anyone wants to lead a walk on another day / date that's fine. Please just let me know.

Sara Waldron
Social Walks Secretary




JANUARY  6th  Sara Waldron
   20th  Clive Haynes
FEBRUARY  3rd  Diane Baldwin
   17th  Diane Baldwin
MARCH  3rd  Terry Brown
   17th  Chris Burns
   31st  Dee Brockway
APRIL  14th  Clive Haynes
   Wed 27th  Graham Jones
MAY  12th  
   26th  Graham Missing
JUNE  9th  Adrian Moody
   23rd  Graham Busch
JULY  7th  Roger Skerman
   21st  Clive Haynes
AUGUST  4th  
   15th  Roy Carter - Beds Walking Festival
OCTOBER  13th  
NOVEMBER  10th  

WEEKEND WALKS (can be on the Saturday or Sunday)

JANUARY  1st/2nd  
   Sun 30th  Dave Sedgley
FEBRUARY  Sun 13th  Hannington Hike Marshals' Walk
   Sat 19th  Easy Amble - Dianne Sutton
   Sat 26th  Invitation to join Heart of England Aylesbury canal walk
   Sun 27th  
MARCH  Sun 6th  Hannington Hike
   Sun 13th  Nigel Schofield
   Sat 26th  Terry Brown
APRIL  Sat 2nd  Easy Amble - Phil Hastings / Ian Watson
   Sat 9th  Sara Waldron
MAY  Sun 8th May  Steve Clark
   Sun 29th  Pick & Mix
JUNE  4th/5th  
   Sat 18th  Midsummer Meander
JULY  2nd/3rd  
   Sat 30th  Canal Walk - 50th Anniversary Event
AUGUST  13th/14th  
SEPTEMBER  Sun 11th  Roy Carter - Beds Walking Festival
OCTOBER  8th/9th  
   Sun 30th  Sundon Saunter Marshalls' Walk
NOVEMBER  5th/6th  
   Sun 20th  Sundon Saunter
DECEMBER  Sat 3rd  Christmas Easy Amble arranged by Phil Hastings, led by Ian Watson
   Sun 4th