Copse Chase But Only After Olney - Thursday 18th October 2018

Leader: Mick Smith

Walkers: Lots!   28 or 29?

Excellent start with the village hall toilets available - the photos on the wall of the Ladies made us laugh.
9 miles to Olney in sunshine, then a leisurely lunch with time for a bit of market shopping - a new scarf here, some onion sets there  ......

Then it was decision time - depending on fatigue, your plans for the evening, whether you had  brought a torch - take the No 41 bus back to Yardley Hastings, go for the shorter option which would get you back for 3.30ish or continue on the leader's planned walk - which in the end came to about 18.5 miles.

We won't forget the day, but the walk itself was very enjoyable, thank you Mick.

Map and photos from M are here

and DFH's photos: