Frog Band Tour - Thursday 8th March 2018

Leader: Steve McMorrow

16 miles, 27 walkers

Well, the email didn't work - we all turned up to walk in the mud with Steve.  A very cold and windy car park saw walkers huddled in a trolley bay for shelter.  A visit to the Frog Band and Howe Park Wood, then along the North Bucks Way (we didn't realise how sheltered we were along here until we turned into open country).  It was heads down against rain and wind  - more enduring than enjoying - to our morning break at Oaks Farm, sharing a barn with a variety of agricultural machinery but it was so good to get under cover for a while and listen to the wind outside. Onwards via Nash - with some most welcome mud-free road walking - to our lunch stop at Great |Horwood and The Crown - where it was good to see Merrian whose company we have all missed.  A very different afternoon - still a bit of mud about but the sun came out, we all cheered up and were very glad we had come on the walk after all.

Thanks for a good day out Steve.   Photos from DFH and Wahid:

Photos from DFH 

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and Wahid 

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