No Trains or Planes - Thurs 28 Dec 2017

 Leader: Jim Robinson

15 miles, 15 walkers

No trains or planes .....but there was a,lot of  snow.  Walking in a Winter Wonderland -  you'll see from Dave's photos that the sun shone all day and the rolling Northamptonshire hills looked stunning under a coating of snow.

Draughton Crossing on the Brampton Valley Way (the old Northampton-Market Harborough railway line - no trains) - the Harrington Carpetbagger Aviation Museum and airfield (no planes) - the deserted  village of Faxton - Lamport Hall and The Swan at Lampton - Hanging Houghton - Maidwell - and back to Draughton Crossing.

A great day to be out walking - thanks Jim

More photos of BBN's day out in the snow from Adrian

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DFH's photos: