No! No! No! Not the Santa Walk - Sun 10 December 2017

Santa's Ultimate Sundae 

Well what a fantastic Xmas walk that was! Full of ho ho ho, much jollity and laughter amongst our BBN friends and a bright beautiful crisp December morning.

Then my alarm went off! I pulled back the curtains, looked at the snow snow snow and thought “This is going to be a no no no”.

After a couple of text messages from Terry and Mary followed by phone calls from Steve Smith and Alan Leadbetter it was decision time! The conditions were just too bad and unsafe for people to drive in and I thought “We can’t go ahead with this”. However I did cajole Gill into coming with me to the start to see if anyone had turned up. She did a fantastic job of being my in car PA telling Clur Francis that we couldn’t continue with the walk due to conditions.

Lo and behold Merrian and Dave were at the start but that was it. Everyone had made the sensible decision not to travel…..including Santa!

However I must mention Daniel and Therese who were on their way from Luton having left there at 8 but had only reached Ampthill at 0855. That was great fortitude (I said Gallic Fortitude in my phone call) but I asked them to abandon their journey. C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas la guerre.

So Dave walked home and Gill and I returned to our respective snug abodes. However there is always a silver lining to these snow covered clouds and it meant that I got the chance to watch the Liverpool V Everton derby.

After all that waffle the Santa walk is being re-arranged to next Sunday December 17th at the same venue and same start time.                      

Some lovely  photos from Dave's walk home are at

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