Steve Clark: A Weekend in Switzerland

A Weekend in Switzerland 

I hadn’t seen Christa in 2 years. I had first met her in Italy on an IML weekend in Aranzano in Italy and have kept in touch ever since. We arranged a long weekend in January at her house in Switzerland, so bags packed off I toddled for a long weekend at Christa’s house. Now, two weeks before I was due to travel I lost my phone and I did not have her number and did not know where to meet up, so I had to email her and hopefully Christa would see the email and get back in touch. She did in the nick of time so when I got to Zurich I was able to phone her and arrange a place to meet up. Half an hour on a train from Zurich and we met up for the first time in three years, she hadn’t changed much. We jumped into her car and ten minutes later we pulled into her drive. I had forgotten how large her house is, she had done a lot of work on it, even underfloor heating - a good job because there was snow all around and it was freezing. A tour around the house and then I was shown my bed, I had to pump it up cause it was an air bed.

On Saturday we went to a travel/outdoor show, exactly like the one at the NEC in Birmingham, we had a good look around. I fell in love with the campe rvans for sale, I could have brought one back with me.  We spent a good 3 hours looking around tasting food, trying out different gadgets etc., then made the drive home, it was totally white with snow all around. When we got home Domenico, Christa’s fella, was there waiting for us to return. Hello's, chinwags, wine and food later we all hit the sack, we were heading for the mountains on Sunday.

Sunday we had breakfast then an hour’s drive to the mountains.  I can’t remember where we went exactly, but the snow was deep, I walked off track a little way and nearly disappeared under a snow drift. The turnaround point was a bar/restaurant where we had some food and a beer, and just sat outside looking at the view. Walking back to the car the kids were having a great time on their sledges, they’ve even got steering wheels on them now. Back home Domenico had made a beef lasagne for dinner, a bottle of wine, some photos and a bit of telly and it was bed time. The next day i was flying home, goodbye to the snow, and hello to a green Northampton (yuk).

Monday morning I was up and packed and Christa was taking me to the train station for the train to Zurich airport. We didn’t move too fast because my flight was not until 1pm, but when we did move the car would not start, ooops, panic stations, a few phone calls and Christa sorted me out with a lift from one of her friends, but guess what, the car then started and she took me to the train station herself. ++++++ cars.

I had a great time in Switzerland, next time I will visit in the fall, (autumn), and their hot dogs are pretty good too.

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