Back to Willow Brook - Thursday 2 June 2016

Leader: Anne Addison

11 walkers, 18 miles

Willow Brook - Blatherwycke - the Hall was built in the 18thC but is now long gone - only the church remains - the estate has links with "Mr George" of Weetabix  - Kingscliffe - Fineshade Wood - the lovely village of  Doddington - the old water mill and mill race - crossing the River Welland into Tixover (and Rutland) -  lunch stop at attractive Barrowden - plaque commemorating Thomas Cook -  views over the Welland Valley and the Harringworth Viaduct.

Thomas Cook and Barrowden
In 1829, a Thomas Cook met Marianne Mason, a farmer's daughter living at West Farm, Barrowden. He was an itinerant Baptist missionary, but due to a lack of funds, he became a wood turner and cabinet-maker. They married in 1833 and moved to Market Harborough. On 5th July 1841, they hired a special train to take some Leicester Temperance supporter to a rally at Loughborough. This was the foundation of the Thomas Cook travel agency.

We welcomed Peter from Stratford-upon-Avon who originally comes from the area and who had come over to join in the Corby Festival of Walks. With Anne, Jim R and Peter's local knowledge we learnt a lot about the history and stories of the places where we walked.

In and out of Rutland, sections of the Jurassic Way, fields of buttercups and stunning cottage gardens (that wisteria was magnificent!). Thank you Anne for a good walk, full of interest.

Merrian's photos