A Bit of Cross Bucks - Thursday 7 April 2016

Leader: Jim Morrison

The Globe, Linslade - Soulbury - Soulbury Boot - Stewkley - lunch at Swanbourne (either the Betsey Wynne or St Swithins) - back via Stewkley  - Liscombe Park - Linslade Wood and back to The Globe.

Things we learned today:

The Cross Bucks Way starts at Linslade and crosses the county to the Oxfordshire border - we followed it as far as Swanbourne. 
The CBW links with the Oxfordshire Way at Stratton Audley, the North Bucks Way at Addington, the Swan's Way at Swanbourne and the Greensand Ridge Walk where we started our walk.

The Soulbury Boot  The Devil once came to the Soulbury, but the villagers fought him off. One of them took his sword and cut off the Devil's foot - as it fell to the ground it turned to stone. The stone came to be known as the Soulbury Boot. 
The stone was in the news in March when it was hit by a motorist - prompting the County Council to investigate whether it should be removed. The villagers and Parish Council opposed this and the stone remains – though currently surrounded by bollards.

A mizzly, drizzly morning but a drier and sunny afternoon.  13 walkers and 18 miles.  Another enjoyable walk - thank you Jim.
Jim says he will think about taking us on another leg of the CBW from Swanbourne onwards.

PS from Jim: The Soulbury Boot:  I’ve done a bit more checking and it seems that the truth is that it is a rock originally from Derbyshire, carried and dumped in its present location during the last ice age.  Still, the fight with the devil is a good story!