Woburn Figure of Eight - Thursday 20th November 2014

Map of route word (711KB) pdf (393KB).  My gps clocked 16.3 miles.

33 on walk, 31 started with Dave leading, Brian joined and took over the lead through the woods then left, Dave retook leading, tea break at Rushmere, Pam left, Brian rejoined at lunchtime, 5 left at lunchtime and Gordon joined, Brian and Dave passed baton a few times, we didn't lose anyone.  Lunch at Bell (IPA and Abbott).  Saw Greg, had afternoon tea break at his jump "monument".  John has had same bacteria in his ears as the conker trees - pseudomonas. The cattle were charolais cross, but I can't remember what the cross was.  Fuller's earth mine.

Thanks to Tom Blackman for taking these pictures.

(Merrian Lancaster)