Stoke Hammond - Sunday 22nd June 2014

Ldr: Sylvie Eames

A lovely day and a super walk. A big welcome to Carla from Colombia (via Burcott).  Stoke Hammond - Great Brickhill - fun with the carved seats in Rushmere Park - checking the time at the sundial then ice creams for elevenses in Stockgrove Park. Up the hill and round to Heath and Reach - the old pump house on the green - Sylvie's friend dagging Kirk the show Shropshire sheep - Kirk's mate wanted to play as well.  Through the woods to Leighton Buzzard - lunch in the shade between the Ouzel and the Grand Union.  Canoe race on the canal.  Back along the edge of Rushmere Park and down to Stoke Hammond.  A really social walk with lots of happenings, and ten very happy walkers!