Linking the Aylesbury and Wendover Arms - Thursday10th April 2014

 Ldr: Brian Graves

Startop’s - the Grand Union canal - along the Wendover Arm.  Views of Wilstone Reservoir.  Bridge 4 with the BBN plaque.   Working on the canal – and another footbridge.  Mid-morning break  by the Saxon Way bridge near Aston Clinton – the burial place of a Saxon princess was found nearby when the bypass was constructed.  The canal had to be moved – Adrian pointed out the former line of the canal either side of the road. On to Halton – across the fields to Weston Turville for lunch – field paths again northwards to join the Aylesbury Arm  near Broughton – view across the fields to Norman’s Dog House PH.  Counting down the bridges to re-join the Grand Union and back to Marsworth.

A very enjoyable walk on a lovely sunny day – lots of gorgeous blossom everywhere. 


Brian's photos.