Ridgeway Roundabout - Sunday 19th January 2014

Map of route word (784KB) pdf (412KB).  Walk leader - Peter Hamson

My gps clocked 20.7 miles, 21 started (plus Betty the dog), gained one at lunchtime (welcome Chris, hope we see you on another walk), "lost" 6 at afternoon tea break, good luck to Jessica for her charity challenge (let us have the details and we'll try to get you some sponsors), book recommendation Mountains of the Mind - Robert Macfarlane (thank you Howard), Norman ran up hill, another book recommendation A Travel in Time - Alison Utley (thank you Gill), walk in the area of Midsummer Murders, £1.80 to park for the day at Tring, just in case you didn't recognise him - Howard was on one of our BBN walks in the Lakes, hope Papi enjoyed his flying Mami, Baboutie recipe tip (thanks Norman),crossed one of Jake's Kanter routes, can anyone remember which event went through The Lee?, don't forget to "embrace the mud", beer brewed under licence by Morlands, what's the difference between gender and sex?

(Merrian Lancaster)

(Alan Leadbetter)