An Amended Newport Muster - Thursday 16th January 2014

Map of route word (598KB) pdf (349KB).

28 on the walk, my gps clocked 16.9 miles (including from/to Dave's), 8 people walked or got the bus to the start (7 got walked or got the bus from the end!), crossed bit of Santa's walk from 2008, crossed Ouse Valley Way, saw a Welsh post van, Mary had her new rucksack, White Hart for lunch.

Walk report from Dianne word (23KB) pdf (95KB).

Why the name? Answer from walk leader Graham. The Newport Muster is a programme of walks held in Newport Pagnell on a Saturday in the middle of September. It has been running for about 5 years and the walks are of approximately 3, 6, 9 or 15 miles in length and the routes are different each year. Newport Pagnell was an important roundhead garrison town in the civil war and the name muster is based on the mustering, or gathering together of the troops. The route we did yesterday was based on the 2013 15mile walk, but amended to avoid some of the road and non permissive path sections of the original. Details of the Muster can be found at :

I've discovered that Sameon is a village of about 5,000 people in the Nord Department of North East France close to the Belgian border. It is twinned with Sherington.

More very interesting info from Mike word (25KB) pdf (99KB).

(Merrian Lancaster)