New Year Walk + Lunch - Sunday 5th January 2014

Leader: Steve Smith

The Navigator's Way - 7 miles  -  taking its name from the River Ivel Navigation Chanel built 1823 linking Shefford  to Biggleswade, and thus to the Ivel and Great Ouse and Kings Lynn. 

Stanford - Shefford - meeting of the Rivers Flit and Hit - old tower mill - Clifton - Stanford Lock and Mill - Stanford.  Lunch at the Green Man, Stanford - super venue.

Presention to Norman (on behalf of Santa) to celebrate 10 years of Santa walking with us.   Thank you to Brian Graves who framed a montage of his photos from the first Santa Walk - Pull a Cracker with Norman - in 2004.

A very enjoyable walk, thank you Steve - and the weather was kind.  A great pub for a celebration meal. 


(Gill Bunker and Norman Corrin)