On the Edge (of Northamptonshire) - Thursday 12th September 2013

Map of route pdf (345KB) word 574(KB).

11 on the walk, my GPS clocked 15.4 miles, a few nasty stiles (a farmer told us the council aren't replacing stiles, for H&S reasons, but they're going to put in gates instead...soon), morning stop outside village hall in Farthinghoe (lots of blackberries), one gate impossible to open, my camera has pretty much packed up, Brian could set up market stall with his tomatoes (he has 41 plants), what breed is the black sheep with white stripe down its face, also saw a couple of Herdwicks, walked through Michael Heseltine's garden, how do you plant 10 trees equidistant in 5 rows of 4?, where was the archaeological dig?, 7 to 4 on no-shorts to shorts (funny how the short wearers drifted to the back when there were nettles ahead), saw the backside of a deer, heard buzzards, humid so lots of flying things (not just that yellow plane practising landing and take off at Hinton airfield), lunch at Middleton Cheney (3 pubs, none available, Mary did forewarn us, so some carried beer), afternoon stop at Hinton-in-the Hedges where Mary had left scrummy cakes (lemon drizzle and fruity/seedy flapjack, hope to get the recipes) to compensate for no pub (thank you Mary), John managed to force his way through the hedge to use one blocked stile (the rest of us used the gate), anyone fancy reporting the stile problems to the council?

(Dave Findel-Hawkins)

(Merrian Lancaster)