The Great BBN Brewery Visit - Saturday 18th May 2013

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15 (+ Sandy the dog) arrived for the walk, lost the leader before the start (following doctor's orders), Graham and Dave took over as leaders so Graham could learn to use the GPS, Dee also had new GPS to get to grips with before next weekend, we passed the security at chequers without incident (good thing it was BB - before brewery), Norman provided jelly babies (nice try with gelée des enfants Norm, was gelée des bébés better?), lunch in churchyard of St. Nicholas Great Kimble, yew trees and churchyards, Lucy told us about bunking off school.  We mislaid Norman -  which should never have happened, given the number of very experienced walkers in the group.  We made the same old mistakes - assuming he could see us and not waving/shouting and waiting for an acknowledgement, ('though he did 'fess up that he assumed he knew where we'd gone and wasn't really watching), not making sure we could see the person in front and the person behind and they could see us.

AB - How do you get BBN people out of a brewery?  With great difficulty. Down to 11, including original walk leader (had enough beer to ignore doctor's orders?).  It got a bit silly.  Talk of bière bonne and fromage délicieux, Dave & Daniel giggled at a tree, our Bonnie Tyler impressions were unrecognisable (Eurovision in the evening), is Bonnie Tyler the female Rod Stewart (Gill likes a bit of Rod), Daniel gave us advice about gaining and losing brownie points.  Thank you drivers.

(Merrian Lancaster)

(Norman Corrin)

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