West Perry Wander - Thursday 22nd November 2012

26 on the walk, including 3 guests.  Thanks for a relatively dry, but oh so windy, walk John.

Map of route word (365KB) pdf (258KB).

Video clip.

Thanks for the chocs Martin....and he wore wellies (sorry the photo is blurred)...how are your feet Martin?

Why are the last leaves to fall the ones at the top of the tree?  I'll add the answer when Steve's found out.

According to a locally-published collection of short stories, 'Ploughing Songs' by Damian Croft, the reason why the pubs that were in Stow Longa were closed down in the 1950s was because, "returning drovers used it to give a bad name to a few otherwise nameless women."  (wikipedia)

Lunch in Kimbolton.  Some visited The Sun Inn - York Terrier and Eagle IPA.  The pies looked good.

A 12km IVV Permanent Trail starts from Kimbolton.  Details here.

(Merrian Lancaster and Brian Graves)