TP Hundred - A thank you from the NEC

The LDWA 100 has come to an end for another year, and it has been a remarkable event. So many volunteers made the Trans-Pennine 100 happen, from the organising committee to the marshals at the checkpoints. We are very grateful to the volunteers who delivered this LDWA 100, and for the entrants for so bravely giving it a go.

The NEC are hugely grateful to Aaron Hookway for leading the organisation of the event. He was on top form during the 100 and it's worth mentioning the extra challenge he has faced. The TP100 event was delayed by a year due to Covid and then the Bank Holiday weekend was changed, all requiring going back to the drawing board in many aspects. But, the organising committee kept on going and we are delighted at the feedback from entrants about the weekend.
There's also something quite emotional about seeing those entrants coming into the HQ who have walked for 48 hours. Everyone who takes part is important to us, but it shows huge resilience to keep on going for that long. For all entrants who took part, thank you and you're all stars for giving it a go. For those who finished, many congratulations, but for those who didn't make it, your time will come another year and it's the taking part and making memories that's the important thing.
The community aspect was mentioned many times during the weekend, our volunteers cheering on the entrants and doing their best for them. Next year is the Elephant Bear and Bull 100, with details at, we're very much looking forwards to seeing the results of the hard work from Michael and his team.
But for now, we want to thank the entrants and our volunteers, there are lots of happy memories of the challenge event that will never be forgotten. The 100 is just one of many challenge events that the LDWA put on for walkers and runners, but we're very proud of it and the volunteers who spend thousands of hours working to deliver it.
Thanks to you all for making it such a special event. Oh, and the food was excellent and the commemorative beer an extra treat!