The Elephant, Bear & Bull Hundred - Week of Walks Updated



The 100 in 2023 is the Elephant, Bear and Bull and we're offering a chance to experience that event over a period of one week. Offered by the history group, you can either walk the whole route, or just dip in and out for one day or a few days. The walks take place between the 24 and 31 July inclusive.

The history walks are:

(i) 24 July - Coventry to Hampton in Arden
(ii) 25 July - Hampton in Arden to Bournville
(iii) 26 July - Bournville to Barnt Green
(iv) 27 July - Barnt Green to Henley in Arden
(v) 28 July - Henley in Arden to Stratford
(vi) 29 July - Stratford to Hatton
(vii) 30 July - Hatton to Leamington Spa
(viii) 31 July - Leamington Spa to Coventry

The walks are listed on the LDWA history group's Meetup page and you can RSVP there. The walks are all free, and there might be some little treats provided to those coming along (don't get too hopeful though, we're not that decadent). You can ask questions about the event on the Meetup pages.

Details of the individual walks are listed on the Meetup group (link below) and we're keen to get people signing up to the whole lot, so do feel free to do that. There will also be social events taking place on some evenings (these are optional!) for those who want to meet new people and gossip about craft beer, history and how hilly Norfolk can be (seems to be a regular topic).

All LDWA members are welcome and you can sign up below (but get your membership number ready).

Julian White

Communications and Publicity Officer



As part of the LDWA's new history group, and an opportunity for members from across the country to meet up post-lockdown, from Saturday 24th to Saturday 31st July we are offering a week of social walks, mostly following the route of the EBB100 (with a few detours to places of interest which we couldn't quite fit on the event route). Each day’s distance will be limited to around 13-15 miles, as we’ll be stopping regularly to appreciate the historic bits. The week will give a historical tour of the West Midlands, from the medieval castles of Warwick and Kenilworth to the Industrial Revolution in Birmingham and the Coventry Blitz, with literary connections including JRR Tolkien, George Eliot and of course the most famous Warwickshire native – William Shakespeare.

Please note that this is not a package holiday – participants will be responsible for arranging their own accommodation and food (although Julian may arrange a pub evening or two...). Each day’s walk will start and end at a station for ease of access; we recommend that, rather than moving on each day, you stay in Birmingham for the duration of the trip and take the train to the start of each walk. There is no obligation to sign up for the whole week: members living close enough are welcome to join individual day(s) as they wish.

I would appreciate it if anyone wishing to join us, whether for the whole week or individual day(s), could indicate provisional interest to give us an idea of likely numbers.

Best wishes,

Michael Jones