Slow Ways Update



We are delighted to share that the new Slow Ways website is now live at

It’s a place for creating a national network of walking routes - connecting all of Great Britain’s towns and cities - through large-scale collaboration.

The website is at its starting point and a work-in-progress. As it’s put through its paces it will be developed, refined and improved.

Suggested and mapped by volunteers, there are currently over 7,000 Slow Ways routes to click on and explore. The challenge now is to walk, review and verify them all - checking over 100,000km of routes - to make sure they work ‘on the ground’.


The aim is to have a nationwide walking network of trusted routes. This is a big ambition for 2021!

You can help by going on a walk. Simply sign up, then:

  • choose a Slow Ways route

  • walk, or wheel it

  • review it

Walking and reviewing Slow Ways routes helps with a vital process of verifying them - receiving confirmation in at least three reviews. The more people who review a route the better.

You can also:

Try out the Slow Ways Journey Planner - Use a Journey Planner to combine multiple Slow Ways routes to plan longer journeys. Try it out and share the journeys you plan using the hashtag #SlowWays.

Share your Slow Ways journeys - We’d love to know about Slow Ways journeys. Please use the hashtag #SlowWays on social media and tag us on Instagram and Twitter using @SlowWaysUK.

Share information about your town - Nearly 2,500 towns, cities and villages have their own place pages like this one for Inverness. We want to populate these pages with information about basic facilities close to where Slow Ways routes start. Can you help by filling in a short survey about your town or city? Login to the website, go to the home page and browse for your town or city. Click on it under 'Places' and follow the link under 'Facilities'.

Submit a survey or share a route - Want to do more? You can help by surveying routes or sharing alternative routes. Details are in the “How to...” section of the website.

Make suggestions and ask questions - Visit our Help Centre and join a Slow Ways online community forum to ask for help. We’re a small core team - the more the forum is used the better. There’s a link at the bottom of every page and it’s accessible here. You will need a separate login for this.

Join our webinars - There are three webinars next week: an introduction to Slow Ways, how to use the website and how to survey a route. Register here. All of the webinars will be posted on a Slow Ways YouTube channel for those who can’t make it.


We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the volunteers, contributors and partners who have helped to get Slow Ways to this point. We would not have 7,000 routes and a new website if it was not for the hope, creativity, determination, goodwill and generosity of lots of people. We are sure that spirit will live on as the initiative grows.

Thank you too to our funders - Sport England & The National Lottery, Paths for All, The Pilgrim Trust and Kestrelman Trust - who have made the website and the resources around it possible.


The Slow Ways Team is a small one and we’re sending this message to a very large number of people. It may take us longer to reply to emails than we’d like, but we will read everything and respond where appropriate.

We hope you enjoy being part of the opening days, weeks and months of Slow Ways - and helping establish it as a nationwide network of trusted walking routes.

We can’t wait to get out to enjoy walking them ourselves too.

Many thanks,

Slow Ways snail

The Slow Ways Team