Covid-19 Restrictions

Statement from LDWA NEC:

On 04.01.21 the NEC met in order to discuss the latest announcements from the Governments of the United Kingdom.


With immediate effect, all LDWA activities are suspended.

With immediate effect, all LDWA activities are suspended.

LDWA activities were suspended on 16.12.20.

The NEC is very aware that the restrictions announced by the UK Governments can and do have a detrimental effect on members’ mental health and recognises that many members feel isolated as a result of not being able to socially walk during these difficult times. The NEC will read the legislation in the coming days and meet every Monday in order to establish what activities might be allowed. This will include reviewing how virtual and anytime challenge events might be permitted as well as exploring what social walking might be allowed within the new restrictions. The NEC will ensure that members are kept updated.

Thank you for your patience during this very difficult time.

David Morgan
LDWA Chair