Slow Ways - Launch - An Update

An Important Update on the launch of Slow Ways from the Slow Ways Team
Posted 31st December 2020

We hope that you are well and enjoying a good winter break.
In light of the current situation with Covid-19 we have reluctantly decided to delay the launch of Slow Ways.
You’ll appreciate that we do not want to put anyone at increased risk or pressure by launching the initiative at this time. Nor do we wish to contradict any current guidance.
Walking and spending time outdoors are important for healthy lifestyles and wellbeing. Whilst walking locally may be encouraged over the coming weeks, promoting thousands of Slow Ways walking routes - many over 10km, inter-town and connecting with public transport - isn’t viable in the current situation and within the extensive tiered restrictions
We will be keeping a close eye on things and will launch as soon as it’s safe and sensible. We will make sure that you have good advance notice of when this will be so that you can plan ahead.
The January Zoom webinars will continue as planned and we’re looking forward to those. Please do sign-up for one of these to find out more about Slow Ways. The content of the January webinars will not be substantially different to the December ones.
We will post new launch details on our website, via this newsletter and on our social media channels.
If you have any questions please do take a look at our FAQs page.
In the meantime we very much hope you manage to enjoy some good walks wherever you are.
Best wishes for the new year and 2021.
The Slow Ways Team